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Eventbrite (Select Projects)

Eventbrite (Select Projects)

Eventbrite's promise is simple. If you want to create an event, we can help you make that happen. If you want to go out tonight, we've got tickets to the best things going on. This is what drew me to join the Brand Studio at Eventbrite. Events are inherently cool – but with the acquisition of TicketFly, Eventbrite went full Rock & Roll.

It was clear to us that Eventbrite's old branding said more yoga class than nightclub, so it was time for a total rebrand.



Senior Brand Designer


Logo before and after

Logo before and after


Rooted in the cultural impact of events throughout history, the Brand Studio team partnered with Moving Brands to create a flexible, badass brand that felt as good next to a meditation workshop as it did an EDM Festival.


Some visual references and process


Because flexibility of voice was so important to us, we created 1 core color palette and 4 complimentary palettes based on different 'moods' to help us speak differently to different audiences. I was put in charge of picking a typeface that could express a wide gambit of emotions through widths and weights, which I found in Neue Plak (explorations shown above).


Our “mood” explorations for Core Brand, Edgy, Mellow, Smart, and Vibrant color palettes


As a senior designer on the team (and having my past life at an agency) I was given the latitude to own and explore how the new brand could come alive across certain marketing and product webpages. It was fun flexing design muscles without being beholden to product requirements.


The rebrand was launched just 3 days before Eventbrite went public on the NYSE, so the first time most people saw it was on an 80 foot banner hanging on the front of the Stock Exchange (which was very, very cool).


I had to make quick work of redesigning a number of critical pages in the new brand. Below you can see the Eventbrite Overview, Pricing, and Eventbrite Music pages I either designed or partnered on.


Advertising was a new concept for Eventbrite during my time there. Because we'd never done it before I was able to partner with the newly minted Brand Strategy team on launching a number of seasonal and product related ad campaigns.

We dialed in our process as we learned what did and didn't work. All in, I learned a ton about social media advertising, brand strategy, targeting, and I got to brush up on my animation skills.