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Odopod Rebrand

Odopod Rebrand

In need of a shake up of both agency vision and visual expression, we decided it was high time for Odopod to get a fresh face. Starting from the ground up we explored logos, fonts, colors, and interaction patterns that would make our site feel fresh in the crowded genre of agency websites. Although the team was constantly changing I was able to hold a consistent vision for the redesign along with my Design Director John Whitmore to make this site happen. Along with accolades from our current clients we have seen noticeable increase in new client wins since the website launched.



Senior Art Director



We knew we wanted our new brand to be bold and colorful with big interesting typography. Our previous brand went too far to "editorial thought leadership" and we wanted a reaction back to the fresh fun design agency we are.


Some of our visual inspiration


From there the team and I developed scores of design explorations using full color washes, hot gradients, and interesting type lockups over realistic content. We explored new brand fonts – from serifs to sans serifs, humanist to circular, and ended up using FF Mark OT which is a friendly geometric sans with a lot of personality.


Early Visual Explorations


We felt good about using hot colors around the border of the site, but we wanted bigger splashes of our signature orange to red gradient – so we brought that color wash into the headers of each landing page. FF Mark looks best at large sizes in bold weights so we found places throughout each page to inject that characteristic.

For me the most exciting part of this redesign was drilling into the communication of what Odopod means, what we stand for, and what we do best. No one person had a clear idea of the answers to these questions so it came to me to interview our leadership, write draft copy, and design page structure that got to the soul of Odopod.


Final Website Designs


After a successful web launch I was asked to extend the brand into swag, posters and illustration styles. Every client who comes into Odopod gets their name on our signature "Welcome to Odopod" marquee sign which made for a fitting enamel pin motif.


We've heard great feedback from our clients since the site has launched, and I'm proud to say we've won a steadier stream of new projects since the redesign. I worked with an ever changing team and couldn't be happier with how the website ended up. Our developers are the best in the business and realized our vision perfectly.